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iPhone 14 Camera Repair/Replacement

"At Techfix in Dubai, we understand that a malfunctioning camera on your iPhone 14 can greatly aff...

Starting at د.إ 600.00
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Surface Pro 5 Water Damage Repair

Having a water-damaged laptop? It is quite a huge issue needed to get immediate attention. When thi...

Starting at د.إ 700.00
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MacBook Air A1534 Logic Board Repair/Replacement

"At TechFix, we are experts in providing top-notch logic board repair and replacement services for t...

Starting at د.إ 900.00
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ASUS Zenbook 14" Battery Repair/Replacement

The ASUS Zenbook 14" is a high-quality laptop that is renowned for its sleek design, powerful perfor...

Starting at د.إ 350.00
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iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone 11 Pro Max struggling to hold a charge or dying too quickly? Our professional batte...

Starting at د.إ 270.00
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HP ENVY 14 Battery Repair/Replacement

Techfix can repair batteries with faults like dead, faulty, moderate-low health, having less backup...

Starting at د.إ 320.00
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MacBook Pro-A1297 Keyboard Repair/Replacement

"The MacBook Pro A1297 Keyboard Repair/Replacement service offered by TechFix is a comprehensive sol...

Starting at د.إ 500.00
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iPad A2123, A2152, A2153, A2154 Water Damage Repair

Our specially trained technicians at Techfix have a thorough process for drying, cleaning, and resto...

Starting at د.إ 400.00
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ASUS Vivobook 14" Keyboard Repair/Replacement

"Techfix offers expert ASUS Vivobook 14" keyboard repair and replacement services. Our experienced...

Starting at د.إ 320.00