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HP Pavilion 15 Screen Replacement

If your laptop's LCD screen is cracked, black, or otherwise broken, it doesn't mean your notebook's...

Starting at د.إ 550.00
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iPad Pro A1673, A1674, A1675 Water Damage Repair

Our specially trained technicians at Techfix have a thorough process for drying, cleaning, and resto...

Starting at د.إ 450.00
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Dell Inspiron 13 Keyboard Repair/Replacement

The Dell Inspiron 13 is a high-performance laptop that features a full-size keyboard, but over time,...

Starting at د.إ 300.00
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iPhone 11 Back Glass Replacement

Welcome to TechFix, your go-to answer for first-rate cell phone fixes! Is your iPhone 11 Back glass...

Starting at د.إ 220.00
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Lenovo Think 13 Screen Replacement

A damaged or broken screen can significantly impact the functionality and usability of your Lenovo T...

Starting at د.إ 500.00
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Lenovo IdeaPad 13 Water Damage Repair

Having a water-damaged laptop? It is quite a huge issue needed to get immediate attention. When thi...

Starting at د.إ 450.00
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Acer Swift 14 Battery Repair/Replacement

The battery is an important component of the Acer Swift 14 laptop. If the battery is not holding a c...

Starting at د.إ 320.00
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ASUS ROG 15" Screen Replacement

When it comes to high-performance gaming laptops, the ASUS ROG 15" is a top choice for many gamers....

Starting at د.إ 600.00
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ASUS ROG 17" Battery Repair/Replacement

A functional battery is crucial for gaming on the go, the ASUS ROG 17" is a high-performance gaming...

Starting at د.إ 400.00