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iPhone XR Battery Replacement

"Techfix is the premier provider of iPhone repair services in Dubai, including battery replacement f...

Starting at د.إ 250.00
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iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Replacement

Welcome to TechFix, your recognized dream for outstanding fixes! Is your iPhone 13 Pro Max screen br...

Starting at د.إ 1,650.00
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iPhone 12 Pro Back Glass Replacement

"Get your iPhone 12 Pro back glass replaced at TechFix. Our team of certified technicians use OEM...

Starting at د.إ 300.00
iPhone XS Battery Replacement

We can replace your iPhone XS battery for a service fee. Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries that w...

Starting at د.إ 400.00
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MacBook Pro-A1707 Battery Repair/Replacement

"The MacBook Pro A1707 Battery Repair/Replacement service offered by TechFix is a comprehensive solu...

Starting at د.إ 600.00
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MacBook Pro A1706 Screen Replacement

If the screen on your MacBook Pro A1706 is damaged or malfunctioning, it can be frustrating and even...

Starting at د.إ 1,650.00
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Dell XPS 15 Motherboard Repair/Replacement

The Dell XPS 15 is a powerful laptop that is built with high-quality components, but like all electr...

Starting at د.إ 650.00
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MacBook Air A1465 Screen Replacement

"At Techfix, we are dedicated to providing professional and efficient MacBook Air A1465 screen repla...

Starting at د.إ 1,200.00
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iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

Welcome to TechFix, your go-to answer for first-rate cell phone fixes! Is your iPhone 12 Back gla...

Starting at د.إ 270.00