iPhone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair
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TechFix is here to help! Our experts are ready to save your water-damaged device and bring it back to life.

Water Damage Specialists: 
We're like doctors for your iPhone! Our team treats water-damaged iPhones, so you're in good hands.
Fast Action: 
The shortly you bring in your water-damaged iPhone 12 Pro, the better the chances of a full recovery. Quick action is necessary!
Diagnostic Check: 
Our experts will run a careful diagnostic to identify any hidden issues that water might have caused.
Complete Cleaning: 
We'll gently clean and dry your device to remove any water or moisture that is causing problems.
Quality Repairs: 
If parts need replacing, we'll use quality parts to ensure your iPhone works perfectly again.
Affordable Solution: 
Our water damage repair service is a pocket-friendly way to save your device.

Common Water Damage Signs:

Non-Responsive Device:
If your iPhone isn't turning on or responding, water damage might be the reason.
Unclear Screen
Water can mess with your display, making it look weird or hard to see.
Camera Issues: 
Blurry photos or a malfunctioning camera can happen due to water damage.
Weak Battery Life: 
Water damage could be the culprit if your battery drains faster than usual.
Turn it Off: 
Switch off your iPhone 12 Pro immediately to prevent further damage.
Leave it to Us: 
Let our water damage experts handle your iPhone. We've got the tools and knowledge to repair your damage.

Remember, accidents happen, and water damage is treatable! Bring your water-damaged iPhone 12 Pro to TechFix, and we'll work magic to get it back in your hands as good as new. Your iPhone's life is just a repair away! Contact us today at +971 50 201 0998.

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  • iPhone 12 Pro Water Damage Repair
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