iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Repair/Replacement
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Is your iPhone 11 Pro not charging like it should? No problem, Techfix is here to save the day! Our Charging Port Repair/Replacement service can make your phone charge again.

What We Do:

Our experts look at your charging port to see what's wrong.
Fix It Right: 
We repair or change the charging part so your phone can charge appropriately.
Good as New: 
We ensure your phone works like it did when you first got it.
Real Parts: 
If we need new parts, we use real ones from Apple.
Test Time: 
We test your phone a lot to be sure the charging is all fixed.

How to Get Help:

Quick Visit: 
Bring your phone to us – don't wait if it's not charging right!
We Check: 
Our team figured out what's causing the charging problem.
Fixing Magic: 
We do our thing to make your phone charge like normal.
Try It Out: 
We test everything to be sure your phone is good to go.
Ready to Use: 
Your iPhone 11 Pro is fixed and ready for you to use!

Say goodbye to charging troubles – say hello to a charged-up phone! Come to Techfix, and we'll get your phone charging happily again. 

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  • iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Repair/Replacement
  • Screen Protector (Included free of cost with service)