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Available Service Categories iniPhone Repair Dubai

Available Services iniPhone Repair Dubai

iPhone XS Screen Replacement

Welcome to TechFix, your confided ideal for superb cell phone fixes! Is your iPhone XS screen broken...

Starting at د.إ 550.00
iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement

Welcome to TechFix, your go-to answer for first-rate cell phone fixes! Is your iPhone XS's back glas...

Starting at د.إ 150.00
iPhone XS Water Damage

Welcome to TechFix, your reliable accomplice for all your cell phone fix needs! Has your iPhone XS t...

Starting at د.إ 250.00
iPhone XS Charging Port Repair/Replacement

"Is your iPhone XS not charging or experiencing connectivity issues? It may be a problem with the ch...

Starting at د.إ 500.00
Online Service
iPhone XS Camera Repair/Replacement

"Techfix is the premier provider of iPhone repair services in Dubai, including camera repair and rep...

Starting at د.إ 250.00
Online Service
iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement

"If you have a damaged screen on your iPhone XS Max, don't worry – Techfix is here to help. As the...

Starting at د.إ 850.00
Online Service
iPhone XS Max Back Glass Replacement

"If the back glass on your iPhone XS Max is damaged or broken, don't worry – Techfix is here to he...

Starting at د.إ 180.00
Online Service
iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement

"Is your iPhone XS Max's battery not holding a charge or experiencing other issues? Techfix offers...

Starting at د.إ 250.00
Online Service
iPhone XS Max Charging Port Repair/Replacement

"Techfix is the premier provider of iPhone repair services in Dubai, including charging port repair...

Starting at د.إ 250.00

Available Services in iPhone Repair Dubai

Issues with your iPhone? Don’t know where to go? Well, look no further, because here at Techfix we have a team of professionals more than capable of providing your phone the care it needs. So why burden yourself when we’re just a few clicks away? Book us now!

Want us but can't find us?

Head over to our website www.techfix.ae, or just give us a call or text us at +971 50 201 0998. That’s including Whatsapp! So, what are you waiting for?

Google “iPhone repair near me” and try to find us near you! Dented screen or a faulty battery? Maybe it doesn’t sound like it once did. Or maybe just troubles with the charging? We can deal with it all. We aren’t just effective; we are efficient as well.

We won’t just be saving you your money; we value your time as well. Other than that, we also offer any sort of technical or after-repair support that you could ever need. So, don’t think too much, prioritize your peace of mind, and come on down to our service center in Dubai.

Our qualified professionals would be more than happy to help you out with anything that you need. Visit our store for a more hands-on experience. We’ll see you there!

iPhone Screen Replacement

At Techfix Dubai, we have years of experience dealing with broken or cracked screens with great precision. So, why not leave it to the pros? We guarantee service of such quality that your device will feel brand new after we’re done with it.  

You can look for iPhone Repair near Me or iPhone screen repair in Dubai via Google search or WhatsApp/call us at +971 50 201 0998 today!
Head over to our website www.techfix.ae

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Our team will replace phone covers that have been damaged while also providing a new back glass change. 

What else could you want? We can fulfill all your back and camera glass needs without breaking a sweat. That includes all the latest models of iPhones in the great city of Dubai. 

Locating us can sometimes be difficult, but fear not. We offer free pick-up and delivery services for fixing your iPhone everywhere and anywhere in Dubai at your convenience.

iPhone Home Button Replacement

Is your iPhone home button getting stuck frequently and requiring replacement? No problem! Contact Techfix for assistance from our highly-skilled technicians.

We are offering free pick-up and delivery services at your convenience throughout Dubai for your Apple iPhone repair.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Our team at Techfix understands how difficult it can be to deal with a defective iPhone battery. Whether you're experiencing overheating, trouble powering on your device, or charging difficulties, it's no problem for us here at Techfix. Precision, accuracy, and efficiency are guaranteed!

iPhone Microphone Repair or Replacement

Don't you hate it when you call someone and they can't hear you correctly? That's a prevalent issue for iPhone users. It's mostly because you have a faulty microphone. But, have no fear, Techfix is here! We can easily replace your microphone for the best sound quality possible. Contact us today!

Want us but can't find us?
Visit our website at www.techfix.ae, or contact us by phone or text message at +971 50 201 0998. WhatsApp is included! So, why are you still waiting?