Printer Repair Dubai

ABOUT US is a renowned printer repair and maintenance division in Dubai. We have the expert printer repair technicians with successful history of repair work. We provide printer repair and maintenance work for all brands. Though we are experts in HP printer, HP plotter and HP Laser printer repair. We not only attend all kind of printer service request same day and fix the issue at the minimum downtime. Our technicians make initial checkup if required and provide you with an estimate cost of repair before the work is carried out. If you are located in UAE and looking for the printer repair and maintenance service nearby, can contact us for the quick help.


Printer Repair

Whether larger IT organizations or small businesses, no one can afford problems with their printers as it affects productivity and working. Beyond the common ink errors or minor problems, your printer might have stopped working suddenly. You have tried all the problem-solving tactics of turning the printer off and back on, rebooting your computer that can’t print to it and so on, yet nothing seems to work. This is when our professionals can help you with the wide range of printing repair problems such as slow printing, poor print quality, printer not working or making noise etc.

All brand printers are repaired by our technicians.

Right from colour printer, laserjet printer to wireless printer.

Experienced technicians.

Cartridge re-filling

Nozzle and print head problem resolution.

Printer paper jams issues.


We at understand the need of having a reliable and efficiently working printer for an individual as well as a firm. Thus, our services include wide range of printer maintenance contracts to ensure good working output from a printer. Our contracts are flexible to your custom requirements and also this maintenance process is done at a preferred time that doesn’t affect your regular business working.


Most user manuals explain the printer setup process in a complicated manner. Thus, users fail to set up their new printer. If you have bought a new printer, then get in touch with us to set up the printer at your desired location. No matter what brand of printer you are using, we will help you without an issue.

Plotter maintenance and repair in Dubai

We specialize in repairing printer in Dubai. We deal with all kinds of printers like HP plotter printers as well as HP design jet printer. We are experts in repairing all brands of printers like Epson, Xerox, Canon, Kodak and many more. We also provide printer maintenance contracts for business. Our team has a wide experience in the problem solving technologies for various types of printers. We can also fix any sort of print quality issue and plotter issues that you are facing right now. Our experts are available at any time for your service in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. We provide our services to various business enterprises, public organizations, corporates, schools, advertising agencies and colleges.

What Makes our Service Unique?

With a successful history of the printer repair in Dubai, our technicians provide repair and maintenance for all brands and all types of printers. Equipped with faster techniques and knowledge, we can provide same day services to local customers and help them achieve hassle-free printing at work. Here is why you should choose us as your printer repair company

Our technicians are trained to resolve printer issues quickly and reduce printer downtime.

Timely response to your urgent repair requirements.

We offer cost-effective solutions with next day visit if required.

No matter what your printer issues are, we can perform all kinds of repairs for your home and workplace.

We offer free maintenance workshops for further troubleshooting.

Friendly assistance, and warranty on printer replacements if required.

Whether you need a printer repair for paper jam issue, printer cartridge refill or else, we are ready to assist you in the friendliest manner. Just contact us and our printer technician will be at your doorstep in few minutes.