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Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai

We provide Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai and UAE region.Networking and firewall solutions are significant part of any organisation. Networking solutions aid in dealing with advanced technical solutions. There is the creation of customer-specific network infrastructure and their maintenance. The networks that are enabled in a firm today have more complexity and bandwidth but also are highly reliable. Techfix steps in here to provide future-proof networking solutions to deal with the expectations in terms of resilience, security, manageability, robustness, network visibility and economically. Our future-proof networking solutions optimize the pre-dominant networking infrastructure. Our networking solution in Dubai is quite wide in many spectrums globally. We enable data of perfect networking infrastructure for all your new and ongoing projects.

Techfix provides Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai that are designed to cope with the challenges and current modern business misgivings. Other than developing robust network infrastructure for your business we also provide assistance with specific product supply and sourcing. Business agility and innovation are our core aims for any enterprise; hence we develop networking solution of that high a stature.

Wired Networking

Small businesses use a wired network connection even when Wireless networking, including cell-based systems and Wi-Fi, are increasingly ubiquitous.

With Wireless networking, you can connect computers and other smart devices to wireless networks without needing to be near a cable or jack physically, but they can suffer in comparison when it comes to speed, security and distance of wired networks.

Wired networking usually involves Ethernet connections. They use a standardized network protocol and Ethernet cables that resemble traditional landline phone cords.

Advantages of Wired Network Technology

Include enhanced speed, lack of interference, increased security, and the ability to connect systems across long distances.Further explained in detail.

Network Speed

Modern wired Ethernet connections reach speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, while Wi-Fi connections tend to top out at about 1 gigabit per second. Wired connections are much less prone to radio interference. As a result, wired networks are preferred for many business applications where speed and reliability are critical.

Wired networks also have an advantage that you can transmit more data without running into data limits that raise your bill or slow the rate at which you can access the web.

Network Security

Wired network is safer than Wi-Fi network. It is difficult for anyone to have unauthorised access to your business network. Wired networks requires physical access to a network port, meaning intruders need to enter your office to connect an unauthorized device physically. Whereas With Modern Wi-Fi and cell connections it is possible for anyone with some cheap equipment and the right free software to spy on your Business communications.

A potentially significant security disadvantage of Wi-Fi on corporate networks is that anyone in signal range can access it. While networks may require passwords to connect, however if those credentials are stolen, anyone in a nearby building or vehicle can potentially connect to the network and be difficult to distinguish from a authentic user.

Access to Network in long Distance

Wired networks used for connecting computer systems across long distances. It is usually more practical to install multiple routers across different areas of a large office building.

For longer distances, such as between facilities or connecting networks of different countries across land or under the ocean, wired systems such as fibre optic connections are used.

Network Router

A router is the first line of security from intrusion into a network. Enabling the highest level of security on the router is the best way to keep your computer system and information safe from attack. Routers contain software called firmware. It should be updated as released by the router manufacturer. Most routers connect to other network devices only via network cables and does not require drivers to operate in Windows or other operating systems. However, routers that connect to a computer via a USB or FireWire typically require drivers to operate properly. Routers often act as the DHCP servers in small networks, issuing unique IP addresses. Cisco Router is Best & routers available in Market. Other manufacturing companies are Linksys, 3Com, Belkin, D-Link, Motorola, TRENDnet

We create IT networking solutions including Lan, Wan, Internet and for the intranet. All businesses of today must have IP Telephone, IP CCTV, Wireless Media, Video recording and conference. All of this happens under our seamless networking services. We share a design that delivers intensified answers for any type of enterprise network criteria. Our solutions range for businesses from small to medium to large companies.

We pride ourselves on creating solutions for routing, switching local/wide area, voice networking, Wireless networking, and LAN/WAN system. Handling technologies such as VOIP and VPNs to help access an enterprises’ network. We are a leading provider of Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai.

Other than these services we offer the following types of firewall

Proxy firewall: Operates at the application layer of the firewall. It prevents direct connections between either side of the firewall and both sides are forced to end the session.

Application layer firewall: They can examine the data in the packet and have the ability to block specific content such as the malware.

Packet filtering firewall it includes the security rules which can block the data flow based on IP protocol and IP address.

Stateful firewall: This keeps track of the active connections. Only allowed packets of information are allowed to establish a connection.

Stateful firewall: This keeps track of the active connections. Only allowed packets of information are allowed to establish a connection.