iPhone 12 Water Damage Repair
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Dropped your iPhone 12 in water? No worries, TechFix is here to help! We're the experts who can rescue your damaged phone and make it work again.

Fix Water Damage iPhones: 
We know all about water-damaged iPhones. We can fix them and make them better.
Act Fast: 
The quicker you come to us with your wet phone, the better. Fast action means better chances of saving it.
Dry and Clean: 
We'll gently clean and dry your phone to remove the water inside.
Check for Problems: 
We'll see if water caused any hidden issues in your phone.
Change Parts: 
If we need to replace anything, we'll use perfect parts to make your iPhone work like it should.
Not Expensive: 
Fixing water damage will cost you a little. It's an intelligent way to save your phone.

Signs of Water Damage:

Phone Won't Start: 
If your iPhone isn't turning on, water damage might be the reason.
Blur Screen: 
Water can make your screen look weird or hard to see.
Camera Problems: 
Blurry photos or a camera that needs to be fixed can be from water damage.
Battery Goes Fast: 
If your battery runs out super quickly, water damage could be why.

What to Do:

Turn Off Fast: 
Switch off your iPhone 12 immediately to stop more damage.
We Got This: 
Let our experts handle your damaged phone. We know how to make it better.

Come to TechFix, and we'll do our thing to bring your damaged iPhone 12 back to life. It's like a second chance for your favorite device!

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  • iPhone 12 Water Damage Repair
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