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Available Service Categories in Apple Watch Repair Dubai

Available Services in Apple Watch Repair Dubai

iWatch Series 7 Battery Repair/Replacement

The battery within your apple watch will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much be...

Starting at د.إ 400.00
iWatch Series 8 Touch Repair

Want To Repair Your Apple Watch Series 2 Touch Repair In Techfix?? We’ll Fix Your Device With Lowest...

Starting at د.إ 550.00
iWatch Series 8 Battery Repair/Replacement

The battery within your apple watch will be replaced with a new battery which will provide much be...

Starting at د.إ 450.00

Are you looking for reliable Apple Watch repair in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Trust TechFix to handle all your Apple Watch repair needs. Our experienced technicians are experts in repairing all Apple Watch models and more. 

Whether you're dealing with a cracked screen, battery issues, or other problems, we've got you covered. So why burden yourself when we're just a few clicks away? Book us now! 

Give us a call or text us at +971 50 201 0998, or You can look for Apple Watch Repair via Google search.

Our Apple Watch repair services include:

Screen Replacement: 

If your Apple Watch screen is cracked, shattered, or unresponsive, we can replace it with a high-quality replacement screen to restore its functionality and appearance. We guarantee service of such quality that your watch will look brand new after we repair it. Head over to our website

Battery Replacement:

Is your Apple Watch not holding a charge or draining too quickly? Our technicians can replace the battery with a genuine Apple Watch, ensuring optimal battery life and performance.

It's no problem for us here at Techfix. You can contact us at +971 50 201 0998.

Water Damage Repair: 

Accidentally expose your Apple Watch to water or liquid? Our experts can thoroughly assess and provide the necessary repairs to resolve water damage and restore your device.

Techfix offers professional in water damage service. Our team has experts in handling water damage repair. If you are having an issue with water damage, we are here to help you.

We offer free pick-up and delivery services at your convenience all over Dubai for your Apple Watch Repair.

Button and Sensor Repair: 

If the buttons on your Apple Watch are sticky, unresponsive, or malfunctioning, we can repair or replace them to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, we can address sensor-related problems to restore proper tasks. Contact Techfix for assistance from our highly-skilled technicians. Head over to our website,

Software Troubleshooting: 

Suppose your Apple Watch is experiencing glitches, freezing, or other software-related issues. Software issues have been identified before by our expert repair service and ensuring your device operates perfectly. So, don't think too much, prioritize your peace of mind. Call us at +971 50 201 0998 for free pickup.

Strap Replacement: 

Need to replace your Apple Watch strap? We offer a wide selection of genuine Apple Watch straps, allowing you to personalize your device according to your style and preference.

At TechFix, we use only Apple parts and ensure the highest quality service. We try for our customer satisfaction and aim to deliver efficient repairs with quick turnaround times.

Contact TechFix at +971 50 201 0998. today or visit our website, to learn more about our Apple Watch repair services. 

Trust us to bring your Apple Watch back to life and stay connected in style. Now a days we are offering free pickup and delivery.