IP Telephones

IP Phone in Dubai, UAE

IP Phone in Dubai Communication is way of the world. We at FSI Provide IP Phone in Dubai. Without communication, it is very difficult to run an enterprise. The whole ground of your business and its dealing is based on the communication. If there is no two-way communication then sales will never be a factor in an enterprise’s running.

We are expertise in providing world-class IP Phone service . It is due to our in-depth knowledge in this industry that we are key IP Phone suppliers in Dubai. We are the best IP phone service providers in Dubai, UAE. Authorized seller of IP Phone in Dubai.

We keenly focus telecommunication and systems integration in our core functioning as we are one of the major IP Phone suppliers in Dubai. We have certified and passionate engineers for PBX IP Phone services. We at FSI is industry certified in Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft.We supply cost effective and best IP Phones.

IP Phone Services & Support-UAE

FSI is leading in the field of IP Phone Services & support in Dubai, UAE.We provide all kind of services for IP Phones in Dubai, UAE.

Services include :

IP Phone IVR

IP Phone incoming ,outgoing issues

IP Phone New line

IP Phone Registration & Installation

Extension of IP Phones and more

IP Telephone System Movement & configuration

IP Phone solutions customized for each business

IP PBX Services

Call us with your requirement & get the cheapest & best IP PBX, IP Phone Solutions in Dubai, UAE

FSI is the best solution for IP phone in Dubai.Know the features of IP telephones with us:

Daytime & after-hour greetings/announcements

Voicemail (and voicemail to email)

Mobile twinning & SIP Applications

Transferring calls

Speed Dialling & CTI

Call recording, Conference calling and call accounting

Speaker phones & conference phones

Linking Multiple Sites

Music and tailored on hold messages

Warranties and guarantees for the product