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IT AMC in Dubai

IT AMC is our agreement with your company for the maintenance of IT assets used by your company.IT AMC has always been the most prominent component of any enterprise as it always ensures the endurance of the systems, peripherals, networks and the servers and many more explicit to each Client

IT Maintenance Contract provided by Four Square International (Techfix) is the best and cost effective in Dubai. Do not spend your valuable money each time you face an IT issue instead, resolve your issues with our IT AMC service in Dubai at a very cheap rate. We have certified and promising engineers available at your service. Proper IT AMC contract is a much required in the today’s world in order to gain smooth functioning in an organization

In this day of cyber threat and virus attacks, it is very common for the systems to affect the steadiness of IT infrastructure. It is greatly possible to eliminate the risk of a system failure with the help of proper our IT AMC Services.

How our IT AMC is different?

IT AMC in Dubai has never been easier before. The advantage of availing IT AMC from us is that our engineers are trained to be proactive in solving our proud customer’s IT issues. We make sure our valuable clients are our first priority and they never face any IT issue in running their valuable business. Our cost effective IT AMC service will make you free from all IT related tension. You will be able to run your treasured business without any worry

Annual maintenance service for IT equipment is very vital as it provides continued service for the firm. At Techfix, we believe in handling the operations in a secure, smart, reliable and consistent manner. Hence the IT and Telecom infrastructure can run in tune. Our expert IT team who can solve issues with speed, quality, and accuracy.

At Techfix, We undertake a serious inspection of the server, Network and telecom infrastructure at the beginning of our service and make sure that our client’s IT infrastructure has the maximum up time.

We are experts in giving the support services that delivered under SLA based IT AMC in Dubai.It includes Networking products and other peripherals regardless of the OEM brand or device.

AMC Services Dubai

IT Support Contract With a leading IT Company Four Square International In Dubai ensures that you are in touch with team Of highly qualified and experienced IT Professionals at the lowest price in Dubai, UAE. AMC can be scheduled for PC, server and other IT peripherals for weekly, monthly or yearly time frames as per the client’s request

Since work can never wait and has deadlines, our IT specialists can deploy a maintenance plan for your organization. We can set up the best-in-line technical assistance for a better and smooth flow.

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What does Techfix offer under AMC?

Data Backup and restore

Desktop Support

Server Backup

SAN Storage



IP Telephone (VoIP) systems

Wireless controllers & access points

Servers and storage repair and replacement

Networking Routers, switches maintenance, upgrading

Firewall, Antivirus, malware maintenance

PBX/PABX systems

Unified Communications (UC) devices

Techfix Annual IT Contract Benefits